White Sun III

Some voices ring true with passion, others with the certainty of truth. White Sun is blessed to have both in singer and principal songwriter Gurujas Khalsa. Her angelic voice cascades through softness, devotion, and joy as she serenades us through 23 Kundalini mantras on White Sun III. These mantras resonate over the musical accompaniment of founder/percussionist Harijiwan Khalsa’s pattering, rhythmical drumbeats, and instrumentalist/producer Adam Berry’s heavenly melodies and inspired arrangements.

White Sun III

White Sun’s third album, White Sun III, evokes timelessness and grace in a shifting, chaotic world. Instead of being propelled into that chaos, we are plucked from it and shown that a different lens can exist. A lens which evokes within our spirit a innermost JOY far greater than the physical world which we inhabit. The rough edges are softened. A brightness and calmness emerges. Our awareness shifts from the toggled edges of the constant non-stop energy of our busy-busy world to the infinite possibilities all around us and this present moment.

White Sun III Album Cover Art

The Divine Journey of White Sun

White Sun is on a divine roll. Their self-titled debut in 2015 reached #1 on the iTunes World Music chart and landed #10 on Billboard’s New Age chart. White Sun’s second album, White Sun II, won the 2017 Grammy for Best New Age album. Both White Sun II and White Sun III reached #1 on Billboard’s New Age Chart. Their music videos and EP “moved [many] to tears,” including radio presenter Chrstine Blosdale of 90.7 KPFK.

Alicia Keys agrees. She gave White Sun III this shoutout on Instagram: “ Favorite songs to calm my soul. Congratulations, @WhiteSunMusic.”

White Sun’s music has been featured in Psychiatric Times through the research of UCLA Psychiatrist Helen Lavretsky and a UCLA Neuropsychiatric Study. Patients with memory complaints and cognitive impairment who listened to White Sun’s music as part of a Kundalini Yoga program fared much better than the control group who underwent memory training exercises. “Results suggest that yoga can be a cognitive enhancement or brain fitness exercise that can confer similar or even more extensive cognitive resilience than memory training—the gold standard—in older adults.”

White Sun’s music is also used within the course syllabus for stress management at USC. Shabad Atmaof USC writes, “White Sun has been an incredibly integral part of the Stress Management for Healthy Living and of Kundalini Yoga curriculums at USC. It has become a necessity for many students, an accessible tool that has given them relief from years of sleepless nights. Some have reported that several tracks enhance their ability to study and comprehend. Students consistently report that it simply makes them happier and less stressed. For me, it’s the most powerful tool in our teaching arsenal.”Atma ends with, “I’m so grateful that you are covering a Sound Current that’s literally changing the consciousness of the planet.”

White Sun is distributed by A.D.A. (Warner Music Group), on the Be Why Music label.

Mantras on White Sun III

Some of my favorite mantras on White Sun III are the following:

“Har Singh Nar Singh”

This is stunning, soothing, powerful and sweet, with a heavenly melody and flawless execution.

“Guru Ram Das Song”

These angelic vocals and sitar evoke a state of devotion within the purity of its offering.

“Eka Mai” “Eka Mai”

This is soft, sweet and peripheral, like a memory floating down from heaven.

“Aisa Nam”

Deeper and more sensual, “Aisa Nam” is infused with a bodily awareness of rhythm and states of inner transformation. It almost feels like there is a drumbeat in the woods while a nymph walks among the creation of the Goddess. The divine energy in this music is palpable. And it is soothing to the spirit and calming for the soul.

“Anika Naad”

The sound emulates a new beginning. It is akin to the feeling after the rain washes down and ground is moist, saturated with life and the grounding energy of earth itself.

“Teree Mer”

Soft and angelic, this is an invitation to pass into the Light.

“Wah Yantee One”

Heavenly melodies climb a harmonic ladder into the depths of our heart.

Aria Morgan
Aria Morgan is a yoga teacher, doula and music lover who finds inspiration in nature: ariamorgan.com.