Ahhhh… just posted a lot of info about Stem Cell Therapy on a friend’s page and am gonna share it with y’all…cuz maybe it’ll help one of you.

Started off with a call for hive mind to share about stem cell therapy. I answered…

ME: I’ve had INCREDIBLE success with stem cell therapy. My doc in LA is the one listed above- The Sports Medicine and Joint Center – Dr. Mary Gendy. I have a doc in Missouri I saw, as well (you’ll save about $1500 – $2000) if you want to travel out of state – Dr. Kristin Oliver at Bluetail Medical Group. Just depends on what your needs are, how many treatments you might have, etc.

FRIEND OF A FRIEND: This procedure is mostly charlatanism. Any benefits are largely due to a combination of post injection physical therapy and use of anti-inflamatory drugs (which you could do without the injection), co-injection of steroids, and placebo effect.

ME: I never had any anti-inflammatory drugs or steroids and I can tell you that this works. The research is there. I can direct you to study upon study with peer-reviewed research. It’s been working for years. Professional athletes are having this done all the time and recovering. The US hasn’t approved it officially…well, because…think about all the $$$ lost from not forcing people into surgery. My ACL healed in 12 weeks. My meniscus is healing. I was told I “needed” a new knee. There was “no hope” for me and not to “waste my time and money” with stem cell therapy. Yeah, right…

FRIEND OF FRIEND: Aria, could you please post links to a couple of good peer-reviewed studies showing positive results, here? I’d like to read them. Thanks!

ME: Sure.

First – check out the Journal of Prolotherapy: http://journalofprolotherapy.com/

Second _ Bluetail Medical Group, where I got my first two treatments done, has an extensive list of research done by their doctors, who are some of the top in the filed. Here’s a list to get you started (and if you doubt it, consider calling them up to voice your concerns.)

There’s also a list of testimonials on their site at this link:

And finally, before we get to the research – I don’t care to enter an internet debate on this. I don’t know you and I’m replying only because you know (MY FRIEND) and I respect her. If you don’t believe the research below, so be it. I don’t have any desire to convince you or anyone else of it. I know it worked for me and that’s all that I can say.


“Combination of Autologous Adipose-Derived Tissue Stromal Vascular Fraction Plus High Density Platelet-Rich Plasma or Bone Marrow Concentrates in Achilles Tendon Tears.” See more at: http://www.journalofprolotherapy.com/…/platelet…/

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CK Ringsted Susan Harris Sara Melson

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