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How our Minds Can Collectively Shift the Course of Humanity

The documentary The Portal explores the power of meditation and the positive outcomes that emerge from committing to a mindfulness practice, such as inner stillness and interconnectivity between individuals and all living beings. The film offers up the possibility that mass meditation carries the potential to shift humanity and our planet into the next stage of our evolutionary development.

Human stories come to life through the inner minds and experiences of six characters. Their experiences are flawlessly interwoven with behavioral science and the theories of futurists and philosophers.

Each character shares a highly compelling life story and circumstance; each uses meditation to regain a love for and appreciation of life and themselves. The result is powerful and honest. The film evokes unwavering compassion and interest for our characters accompanied by potent commentary on the effects of meditation on the individual and the collective.

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One of the film’s prominent thinkers, Robotics Engineer Mikey Siegal, relates his thoughts on interconnectivity in the modern age. “We are living in a very unique time because almost every crisis on the planet is a human-generated one. Natural disasters may be amplified by global warming and climate change, but the problem that we’re facing is a human problem.”

Siegal follows with a dynamic resolution, “By definition, if there is a human problem, then humans have the power to change it, and in doing so, the power to shift the course of humanity.”

As a cinematic expression, The Portal employs a hybrid documentary technique, making use of animation, archival footage and cinematic re-enactments alongside interviews and stock footage to highlight the narrative.

Filmed in the USA, Canada, Australia and a Syrian refugee camp in Jordan, The Portal blends human experience with scientific research into Love and Empathy. Well-paced, beautifully shot and edited, it effortless weaves philosophical contemplations on the evolutionary capacity of humankind throughout.

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The Portal opens in Laemmle Santa Monica on Friday November 1 and will be showing in theaters across the U.S.

Aria Morgan is a writer, yoga teacher and birth coach who loves music, dancing and the outdoors.